Custom Internet Installs
At Desmond Technology, I can do more than a standard Internet installation at one location. With additional equipment, internet services can be extended to a wide area, or from one building to another building, or from one building to many buildings/sites.

Wide area coverage: This would be ideal for campgrounds, RV Parks and other open spaces. A Wi-Fi system is installed which gives blanket coverage and allows guests to use their laptops, tablets or smartphones outdoors or indoors. The system is called Checkbox, and it works very well. It can be delpoyed in smaller areas such as coffee shops, restaurants and small businesses. ou need to have a stable High-Speed Internet connection to start, but it does not necessarily have to be an Xplornet Internet connection. Other Wireless companies' equipment, High-Speed DSL and cable systems work equally well with Checkbox. Link to the site: Checkbox

Point-to-Point links: This would be ideal for residential or small business applications. If you have an internet service at your house already, but you would really like to also have service in your  detached garage, workshop, barn or outbuilding, that can be accomplished with a few small boxes linked to your existing home network.

This setup is particularly useful for connecting solar generator sites such as FIT or MicroFIT installations. A Solar Array that I've connected to the internet for monitoring using point-to-point links can be found here: Morrow Solar Array

Custom residential installs: Pre-wiring a house under construction or retro-fitting a house for ethernet cabling is a service I provide.

I have partnered with Doug's Antenna based in Verona for services such as Shaw Direct or Bell TV Satellite installs. Xplornet has a billing partnership with Shaw Direct, for info click HERE.

Please contact Doug's Antenna for Satellite TV.  Doug's Antenna Website.

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