4G Fixed Wireless (Wimax) Pricing + Rate Plans
4G LTE Pricing + Rate Plans
Notes on Rate Plans: LTE (Long-Term Evolution) service is not available in all areas. Towers are being upgraded to support LTE. 4G Wimax and 4G Satellite are available where LTE is not.

Limited State (LS) service means that your download speeds will be reduced if your monthly data allowance is exceeded. The alternate plan is called User-Based Billing/Chargeable (UBB), where you will not be reduced in speed but will be billed for the over-use data.
Standard installation fees apply for Wimax Fixed Wireless equipment and Satellite Equipment. Basic fee for Wimax install is $40, Satellite is $20. Depending upon extra equipment needed, (like a tripod roof mount) prices will vary or increase accordingly. Please contact me for more information regarding installation fees.
4G Satellite Pricing + Rate Plans
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