High Speed Internet Service is done through Xplornet Communications Inc. Desmond Technology is an Authorized sales agent for Xplornet, and does all the installation and post-sales maintenance for all Xplornet's current internet platforms.
4G Wimax, 4G LTE and 3G Fixed Wireless
4G Satellite
Xplornet's 4G Wimax, 4G LTE, and 3G Expedience fixed wireless systems are available throughout most of Eastern Ontario. These systems are based upon communications towers built by Xplornet or on leased tower space from other companies. Site testing will confirm the availability and quality of fixed wireless internet service.
Satellite-Based 4G Internet service is available for remote locations or areas where fixed wireless coverage is poor or not present. Xplornet has partnered with two 4G Satellite operators, and coverage is good throughout most of Eastern Ontario. Site testing will confirm satellite availability.
All fixed wireless systems require a receiver to be mounted on the exterior of the house, along with mounting hardware, cabling, surge suppressor and a power supply.
All satellite systems require a satellite receiver dish to be mounted on the exterior of the house, along with mounting hardware, cabling, controller modem and a power supply.
3G Fixed Wireless service is being phased out in favour of 4G Wimax or 4G LTE service. Most towers are being or already have been upgraded to 4G. However, in some cases 3G fixed wireless service is all that is available or works best. 4G Satellite has been available since 2011, 4G Wimax since 2012, 4G LTE since 2015.

Site testing will be done free of charge for all potential installations. Site testing will determine what equipment is needed and which platform - fixed wireless or satellite - will be available and work best for the homeowner.

The image below is a general explanation of how/where the Xplornet equipment is located on your home and how it receives the signal. Fixed Wireless is on the left, Satellite is on the right.
Desmond Technology
Xplornet Home Phone Service

Xplornet's home phone service is a single unit (the hub) which acts as a home phone gateway. It is used along with your Xplornet fixed wireless or satellite service. You have to provide your own handset. Call waiting, call forwarding, call display and voicemail are only a few features that the home phone service has. Best thing is it is only $19.99 per month!

Xplornet has a handy look-up tool to see if your current phone number can be used with the Xplornet Home Phone service. Click HERE.

Installation can be done by a Dealer (ME!) or you can have the home phone hub mailed to you for a self-install.Please call me for an installation or any questions.